SRM Dance Club – 2022-2023


Presenting The Club Leaders Of Square One

                                        President: Nysa Nayeem Ahmad

“Being a performer for the last 12 years and being a dancer for 11; I have indeed formed a deep connection with dance. It is my privilege to be serving as the president of Square One. Here’s to hoping for growth, love and resilience. Here’s to Square One.”

                                     Vice President: Tajim Meehan

“I am not the oldest member of the Dance Club, neither am I the most experienced. It’s only my second year but only in this short time period, the club has become a part of me. When I first joined the club, I was overwhelmed by the talents of everyone. I thought it would be difficult for me to adjust but the warmth of the members really made it easier for me. And now, as the newly appointed Vice President, I look forward to creating a similar environment for everyone here and all our newcomers.”

                                  Member Secretary: Fawziah Nabiha

“Devoting myself to classical dance for more than 10 years was truly blissful and serving here as the secretary has strengthened my dedication. I am looking forward to this amazing year ahead!”

                                       Treasurer: Muzdah Mobin

“I am beyond grateful to Scholastica Dance Club for allowing me the position of treasurer in a dance club. Dance is a form of self-expression and the dance club aims to provide an opportunity for young talents to publicly demonstrate this artistic aspect. My passion for dance has encouraged me to be a part of this club and I hope to do justice to my title.”

                                         Strategist: Sunaira Zaman

“I started dancing when I was like 4. Dancing has always been my passion and it is something I will never get tired of. When I dance I feel like all the stress and pressure gets lifted from my body. I get transported to my very own world where I can do anything I want. Dancing makes me feel like a bird in the vast blue sky. I am really thankful to Scholastica Dance Club for giving me this opportunity, I am looking for a great year ahead.”

                                        Technologist: Zaina Ahmed

“You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them.”

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