SRM Top Leaders of Second Quarter!

Here are the Top Leaders of SRM Club in the Second Quarter! Congratulations for all your wonderful achievements and thank you for all your efforts!

  1. Maths Club
    President – Isfahan Jawad Juboraj
    Vice President – Samin Rahman
    Member Secretary – Suhita Sharmin Anubha
    Strategist – Aayan Haider
    Treasurer – Faiza Nooren Suhita
    Technologist – Soumik Saha
  2. Environmental Club
    President – Fardeen Ansar Chowdhury
    Vice President – Raiyan Bin Rakib
    Member Secretary – Promi Tahsin Mia
    Strategist – Aayan Haider
    Treasurer – Sunehra Samin Chowdhury
    Technologist – Faiza Murtaza
  3. Community Service Club
    President – Farhin Jannat
    Vice President – Isfahan Jawad Juboraj
    Member Secretary – Promi Tahsin Mia
    Strategist – Taskin Kabir Rodela
    Treasurer – Samirah Saba Sayed
    Technologist – Raynul Huda Chowdhury
  4. Scholastica Debating Society
    President – Jesrin Mahru
    Vice President – Farhan Rahman
    Member Secretary – Tahsib Faiyaz
    Strategist – Faiyaz Maimun
    Treasurer – Raynul Huda Chowdhury
    Technologist – Farheen Elma Chowdhury
  5. Scholastica Symphonies
    President – Naila Tasnin
    Vice President – Joyena Hamid
    Member Secretary – Samirah Saba Sayed
    Strategist – Suhana Sabrin Khan
    Treasurer – Rasha Noor
    Technologist – Promi Tahsin Mia

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