Spoken Word Club – 2021/22 Leadership Profile

Spoken Word Club

Presenting our dedicated and passionate leaders of this session!

President: Rodela Kabir

Rodela Kabir is not only known for her amazing works in literature and art but also admired for her impressive capability of leadership and persistency. Her unwavering determination and commitment to this club is exactly what we need to make this year a revolutionary one for Spoken Word Club. Presenting to you our very own President, Rodela Kabir!

Vice President: Ayesha Aleena Sayeed

Calm, composed and persistent in carrying out her commitments, Ayesha Aleena Sayeed is inevitably someone we recquire in our team! With such nature of hers, we bet that she, as our Vice President ;can hold our team together and make the club reach far greater heights unitedly. Aleena’s sincerity and sense of duty is something that can surely keep the glorified name of ‘Spoken word’ consistent.

Here’s a few word from our Vice President, 

Member Secretary: Joyena Hamid

Artsy, efficient and ready to confront with new challenges, Joyena Hamid is someone we can reliably entrust with the duties of maintaining order within our club sessions while also ensuring that the sessions will forever be intriguing for our members! With her determination to dominate her fears, she can surely improvise our club in a way so that it can leave a benchmark for years ahead. We are delighted to have her on boardwith us

Treasurer: Parisha Ibnat

With a gentle personality and a lovely smile, Parisha Ibnat is undoubtedly passionate in working towards the succes of our very own ‘Spoken Word’ club! Parisha’s willingness of acquiring new skills and carrying out their implementation is precisely what we anticipate to see in our Treasurer. Whether dealing with numbers or letters, we believe that Parisha can ace it all!

Let’s see what she has to say,

Strategist: Jesrin Mahru

Next up is one of the smartest individuals you will ever come across, our very own strategist, Jesrin Mahru. As someone who has seen The Spoken Word grow from the very beginning, Jesrin’s loyalty and compassion are exactly what make her valuable to this club. With her creativity and hard work, we can certainly expect club sessions to be informative yet exciting. We are thrilled to have her in the team!

Technologist: Farheen Elma Chowdhury

An impressive individual with noteworthy contributions as a technologists for quite awhile now. Farheen is hardworking, consistent and creative when it comes to tech as well as a leader. It is a pleasure to have her with us this session. Gladly presenting to you our Technologist, Farheen Elma Chowdhury!

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