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Initially, I joined the club because the idea of moot court sessions piqued my curiosity. Joining the club with no specific objective or ambition in mind; all I wanted to do was learn from others and develop my vocal abilities. Surprisingly enough, the club made me competitive. IR, it’s not just talking about guns, war or diplomatic issues, but we discuss every other topic that is of concern. Having said that, while the research can be tiresome at times, the outcomes are equally impressive. Also if you think fistfights are entertaining enough then you surely have yet to see delegates having it out.


I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this club for another year; this year, I have more responsibilities, more work to do, and more ideas to present, and I’m confident that it will be feasible with the support of all of the incredible leaders. Certainly, all of the responsibility, research, and work can be stressful at times, but the results of all of our efforts are equally astounding and gratifying. It motivates us as leaders to work harder and give our best since so many people in our club look up to us and seek our advice. This only helps us grow as leaders and, more importantly, as people.




When I talk about IR, it is a club unique of its kind. A few years back joining it just out of curiosity, lead to an unparalleled experience. I was intrigued by everything IR had to offer. It was and still is a free platform to discuss ideologies and opinions about anything and everything happening in this world. World politics, controversies, scandals, you name it, we’re up for a conversation. Continuing the club’s legacy is truly an honor and always make sure to remember-

Never trust anyone in Salem Witch Trials.




I first joined the IR Club at the suggestion of a close friend. After attending my first MUN, I was filled with a burning passion for debate, politics, and all things International Relations. I love the thrill of heated, witty arguments along with the fun of meeting new people. As strategist, I strive to help our members find that very same passion I did.



International Relations Club is where I’ve met all these incredible individuals with such strong voices. I didn’t quite know much about the club and how it operates when I first started my journey but my decision to try it out is something I am very pleased with. This club has offered me a wider perspective to look into things, all these conflicts and crises in the world and how to resolve them. I look forward to having an incredible session with my fellow leaders and members.




In a world where technology dominates our daily lives, I’ve always been fascinated by it, particularly through computers and the internet. My main objective is to make the lives of my fellow leaders less stressful and guarantee every one of our members a good time. I couldn’t be any happier and more proud to be able to serve as the technologist of the Scholastica International Relations Club this year.





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