International Relations Club – 2021/22

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A Charismatic and calm person who would listen to every individual’s say rather than implementing a decision all by herself. Her motivation and dedication for any and all of her work is beyond amazing. We look forward to see her in action. Here’s to Maisha Rahman being an amazing president!
New and upcoming leader, Faiza, is eager to dedicate and change the flow of old-school values. Her passion and talent is immensely appreciated by all, yet her hard work is also sure to bring the most success in every position she holds. Cannot wait for her to showcase her skills this time around!
A young and capable influencer, Shreyoshi, supervises the well-being of the club and the members with unshakeable resilience. She’s a passionate leader who works with both vision and creativity, a towering inspiratory figure for all of us. With a mind for action, and a potent personality, she works as one of the prime leaders of our club, punctually coordinating the club with resolve and confidence at her side. Presenting Shreyoshi Sharbojoya, the member secretary of the Scholastica IR club!

Our new and incredibly competent strategist, Tahsib, is prepared to prove his abilities and dedicated nature this approaching session. His passion and eagerness regarding the club is immensely recognised and appreciated by all. With a thoughtful and commendably ambitious leader such as Tahsib by our side who not only works hard but undoubtedly possesses amazing organization skills, we expect the club to thrive this session with his strategies and plans in place. Introducing the strategist of Scholastica IR club, Tahsib Faiyaz!
Our talented and extremely dedicated treasurer is going up and above, showing proof of how uniquely talented he is. He has been efficient and brilliant, so much so that he inspires us to work even harder. We wish him all the best!
A skillful leader, with talents of his own, has dedicated the last two years to International Relations. All of us have been in awe and can admit to his mastery in the arts. We wish him all the best, and are excited to see his upcoming work yet again!

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  1. Zoren Nahiyaan says:

    I want to join this club, what is the procedure of being a member of this club? Please let me know.

    • Ummey Asma says:

      Dear Zoren:
      Sorry to response you delay. Please contact Vice President Tanusree basu to join International Cultural Club at
      Thank you
      Ummey Asma

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