The Mathematics club of Senior Campus Uttara has hosted an Intra-school Mathematics Olympiad on 1st and 2nd October 2021. The competition consisted of 3 categories; Junior, Secondary and Senior, including classes from III to XII. Among 115 participants, 35 students were of the Junior category, 64 students from the Secondary category, and 16 students from the Senior category. All the participants sat for a 1 hour preliminary round, of which only 10 students from each category proceeded to the finals, which was a short 30 minutes exam. The winners from each category are:

Junior Category

Champion: Manha Tazreen Khan (Class III)

Runners Up: Raahil Yaqin (Class III)

2nd Runners Up: Sarj Farvaaj Ahmed Ridwan (Class IV)

Secondary Category

Champion: Sadia Nusrat (Class VIII)

Runners Up: Kazi Samin Yasir (Class X)

2nd Runners Up: Tamjeed Raheed (Class X)

Senior Category

Champion: Farha Tazriaan Khan (Class XII)

Runners Up: Abrar Shahriar Zaman Shiham (Class XII)

2nd Runners Up: Nameera Ahmed (Class XI)

Congratulations to all the winners! 

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