SLLC SRU 2021-22 Leadership Profile


Umayma Rahemin Zubin

Incredibly honoured to be leading this following year to success! I’ve always been driving people crazy to get their work done, and now my crazy has come to use. Being a leader has its own complications but having such amazing people working by my side will make it a piece of cake!


Syed Masrur Tehzib

Hoping to make the following session as productive, and fun, as possible! Umayma pushes me around anyway, now she has an actual reason to do so.


Najmus Sakib Raad

I have two bosses- Umayma and my cat. Working behind the scenes to keep me busy to avoid getting killed by my cat.


Humayra Alam

Just doing what I’m best at and hoping to leave my prints at Scholastica.

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  1. Ummey Asma says:

    Impressive! A perfect team, keep up the good work SLLC!

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