SLLC SRU 2023-24 Leadership Profile


On his way to create a legacy like none other, the one man army behind starting Spelling Bee as a tradition in SRU, an all rounder in the form of a true leader.
The SLLC takes immense pride in introducing the one and only President, O Captain Our Captain, MASHROOR SHAAN MAHMOOD ‼️

An SRU Hall of Famer, our resident katabon visitor and soon to be the first ever two time Secretary General. The SLLC is proud to present a man who is etched in the history of our school. Everyone’s beloved mentor, SHAH ZAOWAD AHNAF‼️

A stepping stone, a lap in a marathon, a rep in a set. The SLLC is proud to present our very own Project Mbappe; Our wunderkind of a Secretary, DHRUPADI LATIFA SIDDIQUE‼️

Having recently beaten the fraud allegations, Sidratul and the SLLC are finally ready to reveal themselves to the world. INTRODUCING THE SLLC’S BELOVED TECHNOLOGIST‼️

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