Contemplating Our Second Quarter!

The second quarter has been quite a busy one for Scholastica Young Entrepreneurs’ and Economists’ Forum (SYEEF).The club had its second collaborative project with Scholastica Environmental Club.  

Scholastica Environmental Club Collaboration:

For the month of October, Environmental Club partnered with SEC on a month-long project for members of both clubs titled “Green Entrepreneurship.” Members formed teams of 4 and came up with sustainable business ideas, outlining what the start up business will be on and how they plan on solving environmental and climate issues with their business activities, the strengths and weaknesses, marketing strategy, and ways to grow the business. Having 3 collaborative club sessions, it was rather an interactive and learning experience for the members as the teams presented their ideas having a Q&A session too for the members. 

Speak to Lead: Business Edition:

Members worked on researched and extempore speeches based on Business and Economics. Members were briefed about the competition and discussions were held. Members were also given topics to give speeches

on. Members gave their speeches and were judged by faculty advisors and Finalists were chosen. Finalists were given a topic to speak about in their extempore speech. Winners were chosen after being judged by faculty advisors.

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