Quarter 1 Summed Up

Impact of Climate Change:
For the first project of the club, members formed teams of 3-5 students and focused on the major impacts of climate change in Bangladesh and came up with sustainable solutions to reduce the impact of climate change in our country. Members then presented their project for consecutive sessions, which turned out to be full of interaction among themselves giving feedback to each others’ projects and asking questions to the other teams. The winners of the project has been announced to the members and will be their projects will be uploaded soon in social media platforms.

Ozone Layer & Urban Heat project:
During the month of September, some members of the club worked on a separate project to raise awareness regarding the ozone layer on the earth’s atmosphere and Urban Heat in Dhaka, their works were published in social media platforms of the club as a part of its awareness campaign.

Green Entrepreneurship project:
At the end of first quarter, the club started working on the ongoing collaborative project with Scholastica Young Entrepreneurs’ and Economists’ Forum (SYEEF) club, which is nearing to its end as presentation sessions are going on. The project is based on the teams making PowerPoint presentation showcasing their business idea: solving an environmental problem, the strengths and weaknesses, marketing strategy, and ways to grow the business while being sustainable.

Scholastica Environmental Summit:
Last but not the least, the club started to work on hosting it’s flagship Inter-school event, Scholastica Environmental Summit (SES) which will be a 2 day long event from November 5-6. The event will consist of 4 competitions, Environmental Quiz, Green Blog, Policy Making and Eco Innovator where students from class 7-12 from both English and Bangla medium institutions are eligible to participate. The link to sign up for the competitions and Campus Ambassador for the event are attached below too:

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