Spoken Word Club- Achievements 2021

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The accomplishments of the Spoken Word Club 2021

The Spoken Word Club has had many accomplishments and events throughout the following months with the help of our hardworking members and leaders!

Storytelling: After an introductory session on Storytelling, we held a few meetings discussing and giving feedback on members’ pieces, followed by the submission of their final task on the topic.
Mental Health Competition: An event regarding mental health was organised by the community service club where members of the spoken word club competed to get their work 
presented during the event. Members submitted story writing, poetry and art pieces, the best of which were selected to be presented.

Teahers’ Day: The club leaders created a short video with illustrations and voiceover, in celebration of Teachers Day which was presented during the main event.

Academic Achievement Ceremony: Club leaders created an animated storytelling video regarding hardships of known personalities and how they overcame them. Our video was presented during the Academic Achievement Ceremony to motivate the students to keep working hard in such unique circumstances.

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