Environmental Club- 2022/23 Leadership profile

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Introducing our club leaders for the session 2022/23. Here’s what they have to say: 

Mohammad Faiyaz Fardin Khan- Grade X

Looking forward to make this session exceptionally remarkable for the environmental club with the aid of my amazing peers. Hoping to achieve our set club goals and spread the words of mother nature outside of our school.

Adrita Tajmin Alim- Grade X
Vice President 

Being a nature lover myself, I am delighted to be a part of such a creative and insightful club. I hope my team and I can make the most out of this opportunity and encourage more such nature enthusiasts. 


Yasmeen Jahan- Grade X

Spreading awareness about wildlife and the environment is something I have always wistfully longed for to get involved with. This year, I am grateful to be working with my fellow club members and pursuing my passion by making the most out of this club together.



Purnata Barun Dey- Grade X                                                                                                    Secretary

I believe in meliorism supremacy and hence the fact that we, the young activists yet alone can bring the changes that Mother Earth deserves. It’s high time we take earnest notice of the factors slumping the nature and take passionate care of it. United we stand, divided we fall; Let’s work together in bringing the change that we all have longed for and see how unrecognizably amazing the world becomes! Yin-Yang!!

Jamil Farhan Sakief- Grade IX           


It is my utmost pleasure to announce myself as the treasurer of the Environment club where we take leaps of faith to protect our world from imminent threats. I feel blessed to be a part of this amazing executive board for the club and hope to help you all in making this world a better place.


Sarika Mahajan Oddry- Grade X
“The Earth is what we all have in common.”—Wendell Berry. Lets work together to bring forth awareness on our surroundings with my most diligent peers, who not only care about nature but are also ready to take initiatives to save it, however remote our contribution may be. 


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