Debate Club – 2022/23 Leadership Profile

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Nazwa Nasheeta


It took me about 2 years to learn that the ‘current status quo’ in essence is an incorrect phrase. Hopefully, with the help of this amazing EB, I’ll learn how to lead them sooner. It’s such an honor to be part of this remarkable team. Really looking forward to the upcoming session.

Progga Parmita Rupkotha

Vice President

It seems like yesterday I had joined SDC, unaware of anything and everything related to debate. Looking forward to the new members growing to love this sport as much as I have grown to love it, if not even more.

Sarah Tasneem


After 4 years of participating in several inter-school debate tournaments, I have finally come to the conclusion that cereal is in fact, not a soup. I cannot wait to debate alongside some of the brightest minds Scholastica has to offer!

Tishma Rhine


Very honored to serve SDC in this tenure!

Munshiata Islam Merry


To me joy in debating looks like: finding a fine piece of argument in Reddit or memes and then no longer being able to restrain myself from using it in the next debates.

Zuhaer Aziz


It seems that debating truly does help battling keyboard warriors online. I am very excited about what this year has to offer!

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