Debate Club SRU-2021/22 Profile


Sarah Tasneem

After 4 years of participating in several inter-school debate tournaments, I have finally come to the conclusion that cereal is in fact, not a soup. It is an absolute privilege to lead the SDC this year. I cannot wait to debate alongside some of the brightest minds Scholastica has to offer!

Vice President

Aysha Hossain

I am so happy to be a part of such an amazing team who are so incredibly talented and kind. Looking forward to a great session ahead!


Najmus Sakib Raad

Constantly honing my debating skills to prove why Cats and Dogs >> Humans.


Mahira Zehreen Khan

I am so incredibly humbled to be a part of this amazing club that nurtures critical thinking skills and deploying thoughts rationally. Can’t wait to contribute to SDC!


Azmayeen Ahsan

I am pretty good at mathematics so let’s not start a debate about why I am the treasurer of this club. Looking forward to having an amazing year with the other board members of this club.


Zuhaer Aziz

After my experience in the debate club this upcoming year, I hope to finally win against my keyboard warrior friends. I am very excited about what this year has to offer!

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