Scholastica Literature Club Leadership Profile 2021-2022


Namira Chowdhury

I’ve always loved reading. It’s been a part of who I am for decades, and as the President of the Literature club, I finally have a chance to share that same passion. Literature records history, but more than that, it records all the weird things that people did in the past. You can analyse these writings and feel like an intellectual, or sometimes laugh in disbelief at how illogical people were. As the president, my plan is to give members a taste of both. Enjoy Literature as food for the soul, and sometimes as comedic gold.

Vice President 

Ethina Emma Islam

I hope to make the Literature Club a place where bookworms have a safe place to be themselves, and can interact with people with similar interests but vastly different ideas and perspectives that let’s others see point of views they may never have thought of before. And to all those eagerly waiting for a chance to vent their hearts out about book characters, we’ve got some debates planned that’ll definitely help you let out some of that bottled up frustration! 


Najmus Sakib Raad

“I love the part of a book where the titles actually start to make sense”


Mayisha Tazreen

English literature has always been one of my favourite subjects, which is why I wanted to lead this club. You don’t have to be a book person to like literature, it’s the appreciation of the creativity that matters!



The main motive of this club is to satisfy students looking to expand their horizons and piqued with curiosity, whether it’s about the classics, poetry or tragedy. My job is ensure that the members have all that they require to quench their thirst for knowledge and we adamantly hope to spark empathy and connect individuals with the larger truths through gripping literary debates and spirited poetry recitations.


Nabiha Zayan Yunus

Computer and books, I deal with them both but to be honest books are still my favorite getaway from the world !

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  1. Ummey Asma says:

    All the best Literature Club! Waiting for a productive year ahead!

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