SRU Culinary Club Leadership Profiles 2023-24


The culinary club is back at it again so get ready to taste the experience.

Introducing the indecisive mother of the cult – Shefa Binte Shofique

“We are here to cook so we shall. P.S join for free food”

Introducing the actual big brainer – Tasnima Karim

“cute while being stressed and overworked ᕦ(ˇò_ó)ᕤ”

Introducing the absolutely clueless one – Shams Shafayet Abeyaz

“No more half-measures” 

Introducing the one who only works with her charisma –  Aveen Tasnuba Ali

“Egg-cited for an egg-cellent year”

Introducing the one who always disagrees –  Mahdia Tasneem Manha

“eiber er session shei hobe”

Introducing the sunshine baby who works last minute – Suniva Rafi

“The president said, ‘Join up, you will get free food’. I replied immediately, ‘I AM IN !’ “

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