Let your imagination soar, Join the Literature lore

“I hope to make this club a place where people with vastly different views are comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions without causing bloodshed”


“Hii, I’m Anushka, i’m the vice president of the Literature club this session! I hope to have a fun and productive year with everyone.”


“Hi, I’m Sanila, the Secretary of the Literature Club this year. I’m really interested in literature (shocking, I know). I’m particularly interested in European classics and in classical Bengali poetry. I’m excited for what this new year will bring for the club and hope to create a positive experience for everyone!”


“It is an absolute pleasure for me to serve this prestigious of a club as the strategist for the upcoming session . I hope to have a momentous session with everyone . Cheers!”


“Hi I am Raida! I will be your treasurer for this year, though I hate numbers my love for literature trumps that. I adore literature and all the various forms it exists in and I look forward to having a great year exploring them all!”


“people don’t people until they see people people-ing”

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